Found A Cheap But Nice Washington DC Hotel To Stay At

My friends and were talking about making plans to go on a shopping trip soon. We all agreed that Washington, DC was the closest and would also have the largest selection of stores to choose from. Instead of driving there and driving back home in the same day, we decided that we should make a night out of it and find a hotel to stay in. We knew it would be a fun time and we didn’t get to do it very often.

I searched for hotels in Washington, DC to see what I could find. There were 3 of us going and we decided that we could all share a room. This would make it fairly cheap to stay at really any hotel, but we wanted to find something that was reasonably priced. When I searched, I found a few hotels that had decent reviews. I checked the rates for the night we wanted to stay. I found one hotel that was cheaper than the others and asked my friends if they would want to stay in it. The reviews were decent and it was close to where we planned on doing much of our shopping. They wanted to make sure it was decent before we made reservations to stay there. They researched on a few different websites and said that hotel would be a good one to stay at. I went to the website and reserved a room for the night we would be staying and I let my friends know it was ready for us.

Before our trip, we looked at different places that we wanted to shop and sales that were going on while we would be there. We all found different stores that we wanted to go to and great sales going on. We couldn’t wait to go shopping to get some great prices.

The time came for our shopping trip. The drive to get there was short and the hotel was really easy to find using the GPS in my car. We went shopping the whole day and also went out to eat that evening when we were done. We got some really great prices on lots of different things. We had a great time shopping and we were so happy that we decided to get a hotel for the night because we were tired from the trip.